Was kann noch über ihn erzählt werden. Das ist Edward Snowden, wie er von einer Brücke in Moskau skeptisch seine Hintermänner beäugt.

Oft stehen wir selbst an dieser Brücke und wissen nicht was kommen wird.



<x> -> nur dieser Marker ist noetig

</x> -> <p> und </p> muessen sein


<!DOCTYPE html>

<html> <body>

alles weitere hier

</body> </html>


</h1>: von h1 bis h6 kleiner werdende Ueberschriften

</p>: Paragraph

<br>: Zeilenumbruch

<hr>: horizontale Linie

</pre>: Format, wie es gesehen wird

</q>: Zitationsmarker


Hyperlink: <a href="http://" target="_blank">caption</a>

(_blank:Tab _top:Index)

id's: <a id='tip'> folgt <a href='#tip'>

Bild: <img src="d.jpg" width="10" height="10">

im ordner: <img src=”images/d.jpg”>

Tabelle: <table> att: cellpadding='10''width='x'

<tr> (definiert einzelne Reihen) </tr>

in tr: </th> Tabellenueberschriften, </td> normale Inhalte

in th/td: colspan='2' oder rowspan='2' zellen ueber 2


Kommentar: <!-- comment -->

Liste ungeord: </ul> definiert liste

</li> einzelne eintraege in ul (bullets)

Liste geord: </ol> definiert liste

</li> 1. bis ... in ol

Liste Dict: </dl> und innerhalb </dt>, </dd>

Aussehen von Tags

<Start-Tag mit Eigenschaften> caption </Closing-Tag>

<x name="value"> caption </x>

<x name='value'> caption </x>


Metadaten: <meta name='x' content='xy'>

Titel: </title>

Allggueltig: <base href='h.../img/' target='_blank'>


inline: Attribut <p style='color:blue; margin-left:20px'>

'background-color:yellow' 'font-family:arial'

'font-size:20px' 'text-align:center'

Internal Style <head> <style type='text/css'> body{...;} p{...;}

Sheet </style> </head>

External Style <head> <link rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'

Sheet href='mystyle.css'> </head>


div <div></div>

attribute: id='container' style='float:left;width:500px'

Man erstelle einen div-Container in den man die anderen rein-

haue. Vorsicht, kein moegliches Ziel von Links

table <table></table>

Wie normale Tabellen

Forms und Input

<form> x </form>

Aufbau: caption <input type='text' name='x'>

inputattr: type='x'


'radio' value='female' (only one option)

'checkbox' value='bike'>caption (0 or more opt)


Submit sth. data is sent to the file in the action attribute

<form name='input' action='html_form_action.asp' method='get'>

Username: <input type='text' name='user'>

<input type='submit' value='Submit'> </form>

Buttons <button type='button' onclick='myFunction()'> caption </b~>

Iframe (a webpage within a frame)

generell: <iframe src='URL'> </iframe>

attr: width; height (in pixels oder auch in 'n%'); name

als Linktarget

<a href='http://www.dw.de' target='iframe_a'>dw</a>


Code: <script> function myFunct() { xxx } </script>

Aufruf: zB onclick='myFunct()'

attribut von: button, img, ...



.innerHTML aendert Wert der HTML-Schrift

.style.color ='white'


I'm a full time teacher who is feeling like a part time teacher. My interest are coding, writing silly stories, playing the guitar and chilling with my girlfriend (soon to be my wife).

I'd rather be in Canada because I heard that people are very nice there. They have a lot in common with my family I think. Driving in CM is also very much fun. Often, I love the swinging through traffic while the people in cars have to wait for the traffic light to turn green and the traffic jam to slowly go away. Marvellous!

I never had somebody like you.

List of things I find just OK

  1. Riding elephants
  2. Eating at the canteen
  3. Dark blue

Most annoying TV celebrities

  1. Every cook on TV
  2. Ingo Appelt
  3. The guy from Galileo
Famous Monsters by Birth Year
Famous Monsters Birth Year
King Kong 1933
Dracula 1897
Bride of Frankenstein 1935

Top three things I can do for Mother's Day

  1. Massage
  2. Building an Eiffel Tower out of clay
  3. Spray the neighbourhood

Some random thoughts

Just a list of some thoughts that I had today:

Favourite names


  1. My interests
    • football
    • knitting
  2. My girls' interests
    • hating football
    • skydiving


I'm a paragraph written in red, but one of my words is blue!

Much of this is regular text, but some of it is fancy! We can use our newly fancified font to add some flair to our website. It'd be a royal pain to make each of these span tags fancy individually, but it's a cinch with CSS!

What's CSS for?

CSS is for styling HTML pages!

Why use it?

It makes webpages look really rad.

What do I think of it?

It's awesome!

Cool Story!




Seperation by Thermals is a really great song!




My Dad


Dino Bradley



  1. The margin is the space around the element. The larger the margin, the more space between our element and the elements around it. We can adjust the margin to move our HTML elements closer to or farther from each other.
    • example for equal margins --- margin: auto;
    • margin-top: /*some value*/; margin-right: /*some value*/; margin-bottom: /*some value*/ margin-left: /*some-value*/
    • margin: 1px 2px 3px 4px /* clockwise */
  2. The border is the edge of the element. It's what we've been making visible every time we set the border property.
  3. The padding is the spacing between the content and the border. We can adjust this value with CSS to move the border closer to or farther from the content.
    • same like margins --- padding:
    • negative values are allowed, same like margins
  4. The content is the actual "stuff" in the box. If we're talking about a p element, the "stuff" is the text of the paragraph.
  5. One way is to use floats. When you float an element on the page, you're telling the webpage: "I'm about to tell you where to put this element, but you have to put it into the flow of other elements." This means that if you have several elements all floating, they all know the others are there and don't land on top of each other. Example follows:

Check it out! I'm a block of text, but the <div> and I can live in harmony. Boats on a sea, man. Boats on a sea. All new in the far seas of Aptana.

Again some dividing.


static; ist Standard

absolute; wird relativ zum ersten Elternelement ohne static Eigenschaft positioniert

absolute; falls keine Eltern relativ zu html

relative; zur statischen Position

fixed; fixiert das Element auch beim Scrollen

Wichtigkeit über den z-index

Damit rutscht dieses Element nicht hinter andere zurück. Zum Beispiel: z-index: 1;